Error 410, save your Website

Don't let Google penalize your website


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Error 410, save your Website

One thing that is really scary about SEO is if Google penalizes our website for some sort of mistake that you do since You don’t want your website to go down and “POOF” vanish. So, I think that you should check this out!

Why you should care?

If Google serves a resource to x clients and you suddenly delete this resource that means that google now serves a broken resource; I don’t think that if you had a shop you would ever serve to your client a broken thing!

That is the main reason why you should care to serve an appropriate code status, since if you leave the status to 404 you telling Google that you have a problem with this page but it will be solved soon.

What is 410 Status code Error?

The 410 Gone status code error, indicate that the resource is no more available as stated on the Mozilla resource

410 Gone client error response code indicates that access to the target resource is no longer available at the origin server and that this condition is likely to be permanent.

When to use the 410 Error?

It’s important that if you delete a resource, more importantly, if you have websites that let people insert, edit or delete articles just like or to send the 410 Error status code.

Don’t let the page float with the 404 error, it’s more appropriate if you return a 410 error.

This status must be returned only when you are sure that the resource will not be available anymore.

When to not use it?

If the resource is no more available for a limited time then you should use a 404 status

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